One area of the retail sector that has seen healthy growth of 48% from 2010 to 2015. Is often referred to as the Discount sector. This growing niche in retail has quite obviously bucked the trend within the broader, beleaguered retail industry. But why is this? Is it solely down to their lower prices or the savvy shopper’s developing perception of value? Shoppers are now aware they have a more excellent choice of where to spend their hard-earned cash, and rightly think why they should pay more for virtually the same products from mainstream retailers.


Simple In-store POS


Discount, or more accurately, value retailers have upped their game with simple, consistent pricing messages, essential but useful store formats and intelligent use of printed POS and in-store signage. Customers’ perception of value goes beyond merely the price of the product.

Basic Store Layout

Over-designed stores with expensive fittings and high tech digital screens are unnecessary for everyday household goods, and many customers are quick to recognize this. Value retailers have tapped into this by realizing that basic store formats and printed signage mean they can keep fixed costs low and pass on the benefit to their customers.

High-Density Merchandising

As well as a basic store layout, discount retailers have also adopted a high-density approach to their merchandising. Multiple layers of stock are displayed on pallets rather than shelves reducing the need for regular stock replenishment while also eliminating the need for large stockroom storage.

Little & Often

Also, there is a rising trend in the smaller basket, “little and often” shopping where shopping trips are often categorized depending on the type of products being bought. So, for example, toiletries and household goods may constitute one monthly shopping trip, fresh food, and groceries, and top up shopping a more regular weekly trip.


Essentially this means many of us are looking to reduce our weekly shopping bill and cut the waste associated with a bigger shop. As a designer and printer of in-store Point of Sale we have noticed a definite increase in demand for our products and services from the value sector, and a desire to develop more innovative in-store printed displays.


The next step up from this is how to improve the effectiveness of your in-store POS to drive sales growth? We will be sharing some top tips on how to achieve this in future articles.