When venturing

into major shopping malls and outlets, the chances are that you’ll be confronted with a bewildering array of POS (Point Of Sale) display stands that have been designed with only one goal in mind: to grab and hold the attention of customers who are moving around the retail outlet on a shopping trip.


Despite the rapid

encroachment of digital gadgets and technology into the retail industry, printed POS display stands are still omnipresent in Virtually every major store across the country. This is due to its a vital role in creating brand awareness for new products and in helping prospective customers make purchase decisions.

This is obvious

in a recent study carried out by Nielsen that shows that 72% of Public awareness for new products is driven by store activities such as the effective utilization and deployment of POS units. Further research by Smurfit Kappa Zedek shows that deploying an in-store Point Of Sale unit that displays a 10% discount on a product will increase sales by 120% as opposed to a small 20% increase if the POS unit is not deployed.


POS display units are an integral part of the packaging and in-store marketing mix, and its most important function is to differentiate a product from its Competitors. However, for brands to realize the full impact of in-store POS stands, they must be deployed effectively and strategically.


Although POS units look more or less the same than they did a few decades ago, there have been significant changes to the materials, form, size, Design, and mode of deployment. Most of these changes are as a result of stringent guidelines introduced by the major retailers in consonance with their lean logistics chain.


Brands are Willing to spend

heavily in POS units especially when it comes to new and seasonal product launches that require creative displays to draw the eye of prospective customers. However, to ensure that their POS units are in line with the stringent guidelines of significant retail outlets while grabbing the attention of shoppers, and most importantly tripling and quadrupling the sale of their products, they need first to understand what is required in the design and manufacturing of their POS display units.


To that effect, this guide has been prepared for business professionals who want Their POS display project to be an outstanding success. It contains all the necessary information that will help you choose the most effective kind and design of POS unit that is unique to your brand, appropriate for most types of retail environment and that is sure to drive product sales through the roof.